Sunday, January 11, 2009

Worst Weekend of the New Year

Here is what the minivan still looks like after almost five days of work on it...yes, this is the minivan that we were supposed to use for our trip to Hot Springs...we have had to buy so many parts for it already that there is not much money left for the week.
Supposedly...I am going to Hot Springs this next weekend...the only thing is I will not have any extra days it will basically be a trip down on Friday after I get off work, spend that night, and come back late Saturday so that hubby can go to work on Sunday...his vacation ends Saturday.
I am so frustrated because I arranged to have two days off work and I have to request them almost a month in advance and there is no way I can request more for this month.
I got on the computer and found out what my husband needed to do to repair the minivan and printed it off for him...but he had to try all of his fixes before he tried the one that I told him was wrong...each one of his quick fixes cost us money...then just about an hour ago he came and told me that he had broken a tool that he needs to finish the job and he had to go buy it plus two belts that he had messed up.
Hopefully, this minivan will be worth all of this when we are done.

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  1. I'll send up a prayer for you all tonight. Good thing he can do the repairs and it didn't have to go to the shop. Daniel is handy that way also, the man can fix anything. lol Hugs, Christine