Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not Very Happy Today

I had arranged to have Friday and Monday off work with pay so that I could make this trip. This is my birthday trip that we usually make every year...this year we put it off until this weekend because it is the weekend that my son moved to Arkansas and he is supposed to preach.
We have been paying on a used minivan and paid the final payment on Wednesday and brought it overheated on the way but according to my husband no big deal he could have it fixed in time for our trip. He worked on the van Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and even today and still it is not up to making that long trip.
This minivan is supposed to be my combo Christmas and Birthday present...I would not let them spend any money on me and told them that I wanted any money that they would have spent on me to be put toward the van and that is what we did...I had to have a different vehicle since the heat is totally out in mine...we are trying to sell it so that we can pay for the taxes, licensing, and insurance on the minivan.
I am just so frustrated...every time we go to Hot Springs lately it is basically a one day trip by the time we get there we get to spend one night and have to come back immediately...this was supposed to be my trip to have time to visit with family down there.
My birthday was messed up on the actual date because the kids were sick and now I did not even get to have my time with my mom and siblings like I usually do. I have not taken any pictures in the past couple of days...I will make some tomorrow and get them posted.

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