Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 3 Of My Life

Mikey, Robbie, Bill
& Naia
October 2008

As you can see the Christmas tree is still up in the living room because we are waiting for my son from Wisconsin to get here this weekend. He will be staying a few days before he and his family complete their move to Arkansas. Also above is a picture of my son and my two younger brothers when my son was down in Arkansas in October when he had to preach one Sunday so that the church could do a vote on whether or not to accept him as a youth pastor. That is my oldest granddaughter in the cheerleader outfit that she wore for her first time to go trick or treating (she had never gone before). I am so excited to be seeing my son in a few days and I cannot wait for him and his family to get here. He is my oldest son.

So we are busy cleaning and disinfecting (because of the kids stomach flu) so that we will be ready for their visit.

I also have to find time to work on and finish the scrapbooks that I have for my mom, brothers, and sisters for their Christmas gifts.

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  1. :) It's alright to still have your Christmas tree up!! :)