Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13, 2009

Ashlyn decided that she had to have a picture made of her blowing on ribbon...needless to say Mama took that away fast.
Today was my first dayback to work after having a couple of days off...remind me to never take time off again...the woman who covered for me and who works the evening shift had made a mess of so much stuff again and instead of having her fix it I had an email waiting for me when I got to work to all the person who is over us so that she could tell me what Pat had done and that she wanted me to fix it because I fixed it the last time Pat did something similar. Now they are threatening not to let her handle the money at all or to do any posting. It made for a day that was really long but it did go by fast.
Ryan missed me a lot and he let it be know that Mama was all that he needed when I got home from work.

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